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The Jockey's Story – Horse Racing Documentary

The Jockey's Story – Horse Racing Documentary

Produced in 1989..

Cup Of Courage:

A jockey’s life is filled with excitement, danger and constant struggle. The jockey – everyday they ignore the dangers of their occupation; they could be in the winner’s circle after one race and in an ambulance after the next. A jockey puts his life on the line every time he rides; it’s the ultimate test of an athlete’s will; he’s blind with fear and risks death all for the chance to return a winner. There’s an excitement as the starting gate opens; a chance to win is at hand but the ever-present danger of the sport is always close behind. This is the only sport where an ambulance follows the competitors.

“A Cup of Courage” takes you behind the scenes to show the life of a jockey, from the constant struggle to keep their weight in check, the extreme pressure and competition to get and keep winning mounts, to the inevitable dangerous spills and accidents.

Also included are interviews with some of the sport’s most accomplished riders: veteran Laffit Pincay Jr., reveals his life-long battle with keeping his weight down and the extreme dedication and sacrifices he’s had to live by to succeed in his profession of choice, Angel Cordero, Aaron Grydor, Chris McCarron, Jorge Velasquez, Richard Migliore and Terry Lipham and respected trainers D. Wayne Lukas, Neil Drysdale, and Charlie Whittingham.

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